Tour Management

Full tour support with planning, coordination, logistics, accounting services and much more. I organise visas, travel documents, transport. I’m making sure the band gets from A to B in record time, get them set-up on stage and making sure the whole shows runs as smooth as possible. Not only a Tourmanager, also a roadie, backliner, driver, stagehand, merchandiser, all the non-music jobs basically.

Stage Management

Keeping track of showtimes, making sure all the bands play and finish on time, keeping your stage and surrounding area free of clutter, wandering musicians, beer bottles, loose cables, amplifiers and everything else that has no business on stage, backstage or sidestage. Yes, that includes groupies or unwanted fans (unless the musician wants them there).

Technical Production

Organisation of all technical aspects surrounding a festival, event, show or production. Do you need someone to manage a Production or maybe technical support? You need that one band’s rider confirmed or you have a big headliner that wants fireworks and pyro’s but you’re not sure if its possible? I’ll find a way to make it work.

Crew Management

Crew management for Events and Festivals. Both regular employees, volunteers and temporary employees. Do you want your festival crew to work and run as smoothly and efficiently as possible? Bar staff, stagehands, runners, you name it. Let me give it a try.

Backlining Services

Full backline support and roadie services. Are you tired of renting your own backline, picking it up yourself, driving it to the show, setting it up and breaking it apart after the show? Here’s where I come in. Let me handle the logistics and heavy lifting. I’ll work either on my own, or bring some more people along for the job.